Solstices Project


Manifesto I

Poaching In The City

What we seek is intensity.

Intensities of meetings, expressions, creations.
Solstices are the two points of a paroxysm : day and night, longer and shorter. And between, a slow and deep process.
A place for this process : daily exchanges, improvements, experimentations.
A place for the highest points : affluence, selflessness, pleasure.
Suns and moons.

A place where art is not a means of economical, ideological, cultural pressure. Creation is not coercitive, creation does not establish an hierarchy between those whose have access to art and those who have not.
A place that does not participate to the gentrification.


poaching ~ braconnage ~ braconnaggio ~ Wilderei


Solstices is a cultural movement. People meeting and creating around a common inclination for a generous, deep, and free art.

Solstices wants to involve all segments of the population (regardless of their language) and especially those commonly undergo artistic coercion, both on a physical level (gentrification) as a moral and intellectual (contempt, condescension). The everyday art, the art of being, acting and cope, often worth more than the museums. Art is not entertainment : it is an experience at every moment of living. Solstices is not entertainment, it is the experience of a life fully lived, lived as possible.


INTENSITÉ, subst. Fém.
Étymol. et Hist. 1. 1740 « degré d'énergie, de force, de puissance » (P. Demours, Observ. sur une maladie de l'œil, p. 65 ds Fonds Barbier : l'intensité de la lumière); 2. 1745 fig. en parlant d'un sentiment (Diderot, Essai sur le mérite et la vertu, p. 71). Dér. de intense*; suff. -(i)té*. Peut-être empr. à l'angl. intensity (1665 ds NED).


No purpose, no one way.
Our mere presence just make another mode of operation, establishes a different pace.
We are in New York because the possibilities are currently here. This is Babylon is Alexandria is Rome.
Les gens et l'art : l'argent.

We just poach in the metropolis.

This is a guerrilla war without violence, enemy, weapon. Here, the illiterates off-the-law monsters
substandard immigrants diminishing
generous rich erotomaniacs
here the without-minds without-words
fury and silence.

The baroque extravagance as the minimalist precision, without anything in common, if not the intensity.



Manifesto II

Practices of disorganization

One of the main mechanisms of Solstices is disorganization. Not giving way to chaos, but as a rejection of both predestination induced by the functional structures, and the inertia inherent in these traditional structures.

No specialization or official function.
No assignment.
Status facilitate jealousy, resentment, the withdrawing into ourself.
Let's focus on versatility.
Skills must be shared, and tastes diversified as possible ( you have to look at everything, even what you first think is off-putting).

Let's create new mechanisms, new pragmatic goals.
Against the hairsay, against the machins.
That is the daily experience of Solstices.

Similarly, the rejection of this organization is a denial of the finite and the final constitution.
Solstices is a process, not an end, or even a goal.
The potential is the only way to "s'en sortir sans sortir” (“get by without going out", Ghérasim Luca).

It is clear that the potential is the only way to bypass – to divert – the established order.
It is in handling that the things make sense, always casual, always provisional and relative.
Objects are extensions of the body, they are part of the being.

Thus, we prefer the sign to the sense (ie the narrative ; unless it is opened, legendary, mythical, "chewy gnosis").
To escape from confinement, from the one way, from the dead-end.

It is not the narrations that are alienating, but mainly the supports, the key provided to reconstruct them.
The induced logic to appreciate to understand them (to patch them) freeze us, that is to say, limit the potential for the movement that only can challenge everything.