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Solstices webzine n°1

The Solstices Project and the gentrification process

The first issue of our review will be devoted to the possibility of carrying out the project under the terms we defined : openness, demanding and popular culture, a welcoming place against gentrification.

The pitfall of gentrification is the sticking point :
can we open a place to live, a place of art (even with a new definition of art), a bar and gallery, organizing concerts, screenings, and workshops, without participating in the process of gentrification ? And even better : by stopping this process ?
Then, what daily practices to adopt ?

After presenting the issue and challenges, we will open the webzine on a general question:
What is gentrification ?
We don't want a settled and polished definition, but a definition in motion.
Why is gentrification so disparaged today ?
Are there no positive aspects (rehabilitation of a neighborhood, travel safety, etc) ?
Why is it gentrification criticized by the very people who are the instigators the so-called "bobos", the "bohemian-bourgeois", that is to say - we are aware even if we 're not happy - us ?
Can we escape from this social determinism, or rather processes that involve ?

We want to offer quality articles on the history of gentrification, both as a concept, but mostly as a phenomenon.
Gentrification is an urban phenomenon (can it be rustic ? Especially in the construction of suburban houses). Is this a phenomenon inherent to the city – that is to say, that has existed since the city is ?
We must question the urban policy. And even more fundamentally, the role of the city. From a historical perspective, but also contemporary one :
Since the industrial revolution, which gentrification ?
Paris and Hausmann ; Rome once became the capital (especially the “regolar plans”) and then, with Mussolini ; Berlin after the fall of the, etc.
Today, New York. Gentrification : a municipal or economic policy mechanism (a biological determinism) ?

Then we would like to review some exemplary initiatives, including popular to counter gentrification.
What resistance ? And what possible resistance ?
What for ?
Are there some good examples ?
The urban squat, Christiana, etc. : between myth and reality.

Finally, we will present strategies of Solstices project.
The Solstices project : wishful thinking ?
The paradox between economic necessity and activism will lead us to the aporia, to fail ?
Can we raise enough money to live by refusing to submit to economic schemes in force ?
Will this research be used to, not define a program, but a practice sketch, a technical strength and any actions ?

Solstices webzine n°2

Le projet Solstices et l'entertainment