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Scree Review

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Review of minimalist & baroque poetry

Scree review | Amelia Rosselli 1930-1996
Commémoration des 20 ans de sa disparition | février 2016


Scree review | n°1 (janv 15)


(noun) : a steep mass of detritus on the side of a mountain.
Origin:: 1775–85, Old Norse "skritha" -> landslide

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Poetic intensities :

Intensités poétiques(français) Poetic intensities(english)

"All forms of expression work for us as variations of intensity. The poetic form seeks the highest intensity.

For that, everything is permitted. All influences are good, as long as they are not restrictive. Seeking solutions and opportunities in other forms of expression, but also in other fields of human knowledge. Seeking solutions and opportunities in other languages, all other languages (even if it means manipulating or inventing them), and even what is not human: nature, animals, geological.

The poetic expression is accessible to everyone, even children, even the illiterate, despite a sometimes disconcerting appearance (nursery rhymes are often disconcerting...).

An open mind and a basic knowledge of the language may be the only two assumptions required. Accepting the absurd, the non-narrative, the bizarre. So everything is possible.

In writing, shape is a fundamental element. In the constitution of the poem, it is strict and unchanging. Every word, even in its spelling (even its typography), every punctuation mark is necessary (inform the tone or intensity of the piece). As a reference, the Borromini San Carlo alle Quattre Fontane cloister offers us the most intense expression."