Solstices Project

Solstices project experiments with everyday acts of creation, learning and the exchange of skills and practices.
Rooted in an urban environment it supports itself financially with the help of donors but without government subsidies.
It is against the process of gentrification and aims at connecting people and projects through different countries.

Les cahiers Solstices : Antonin Artaud

Les cahiers Solstices : Antonin Artaud

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Solstices in Trieste

Scrivere a Trieste - Solstices project

It's a new experimentation about literature & city.
Is that possible to escape regionalism, or to base it on the open-mindedness & the connection with abroad ?
In every language, we want to publish poetry, novel, short novel, essay and so on.

Scree review | Amelia Rosselli 1930-1996
Commémoration des 20 ans de sa disparition | février 2016


New collaborative Book !

Collaborative, hand-made, screen-printed book : Dédale


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